Zimu Foundation Objectives

The Zimu Foundation addresses children's challenges and the challenges of their caregivers, to good, quality education so that they may have a bright future to qualify for a good job and/or rely on their skills for self-sustenance. We support education, access to clean water, basic healthcare and income-generating activities to enable children and their caregivers to live, learn, work, and improve their future prospects.

The Zimu Foundation's "go to market" delivery model is to develop a single site with each of the following components before moving to the next node.  Once an identified single site is functional with each of the following components, the location and the target beneficiaries are enabled for self-sustenance with less direct support required to maintain that improvement.  The Zimu Foundation will then shift focus to a newly identified node and repeat this delivery model.  


The Zimu Foundation enables children in remote geographic areas access to good schools and an improved learning environment. Objectives and tasks include:

  • Providing educational support to vulnerable children
  • Supplying scholastic materials to students
  • Identifying, developing, and promoting skills and talents among children
  • Constructing or supporting a standard school and resource center for relevant and holistic education and integral development
  • Supporting and ensuring good management of schools for progress and sustainability
Basic Healthcare

The Zimu Foundation supports and delivers improved healthcare services in under-served and remote geographies.  Objectives and tasks include:

  • Supporting, educating and sensitizing residents to improved home healthcare management
  • Constructing and/or supporting clinics and hospitals in remote geographies
  • Providing medical supplies
  • Supporting and ensuring good management of clinics, medical centers, hospitals for progress and sustainability
  • Preventing, treating and/or curing common conditions and diseases such as malaria, typhoid, diarrhea and HIV/AIDS
Clean Water

The Zimu Foundation supports and delivers access to clean, potable water.  Objectives and tasks include:

  • Constructing and/or supporting development of community wells, boreholes, and/or cisterns
  • Providing and/or supporting delivery of water tanks and systems to local supporting organizations/institutions
  • Supporting and ensuring good management of water sources such as wells, boreholes, and cisterns for proper functioning and sustainability
Economic Sustainability

The Zimu Foundation supports and delivers tools, education, and channels to empower target families' economic self-reliance.  Target families are also located in remote and under-served geographic areas.  Objectives and tasks include:

  • Identify, develop and/or support income-generating activities.
  • Mobilize women in remote geographies into small groups (community based organization, or CBO) for easy access to financial support, training, and marketing of their products.
  • Provide and support good managerial skills.